HGTV Green Home in Port St. Lucie Florida

HGTV goes green with this coastal Florida home.
HGTV Green Home Design FL

Located in the coastal town of Port St. Lucie, Florida, the HGTV Green Home 2009 boasts modern Spanish-style architecture and eco-friendly amenities. Beds of drought-tolerant grasses and flowers surround the front porch of this HGTV coastal Florida home. 

Coastal Florida Home on HGTV
The entry foyer is a statement-making space. The stripes in vibrant shade of orange conjure images of beach-cabana style and circa-1950s Florida interiors, complementing the home's modern Spanish architecture. The large Sunburst Mirror provides a great dramatic element.  

HGTV Florida Home Decor Living Room Design
The living room is defined by a trellis-patterned nylon rug, linen sofa and lounge chairs covered in neutral fabrics, all organic. The hint of orange upholstery fabric connects the space to the more vibrant rooms, such as the foyer and lounge area. Two Driftwood Mirrors reflect light around the room. 

Florida Lounge in Citrus Colors
A bright citrus palette in the lounge reflects the tropical locale of this coastal Florida home in St. Lucie. The seating area is grounded by a sisal-style nylon rug fashioned from recycled material.

HGTV Florida Master Bedroom Design in Blue
The master bedroom features a soothing, sea-blue color palette and layers of luxe, organic fabrics. The space is sophisticated in a casual way. 

Blue Glass Tile Bathroom Sea Inspired Florida Home by HGTV
In the master bathroom you find a freestanding vintage-style tub set against shimmering sea-blue mosaic glass tile. A beautiful Spa-Like Coastal Bathroom

Resin Clam Shell Planter Wall Mounted Bathroom Wall Decor Idea
The master bathroom's focal point, an Oversized Resin Clam Shell that is anchored over the tub and planted with Dendrobium orchids. And there is more to see of this green Florida home at HGTV.