Key West Cottages and Gardens: Inspiration from Americas Special Tropical Island

A new inspirational coastal cottage book by Leslie Linsley! 

Key West Cottages Gardens Decor Lifestyle Book
Leslie Linsley, author of Key West Homes and several Books about Nantucket has come out with another great book about America's special tropical island: Key West Cottages and Gardens,  photographed by Tamara Alvarez who is embracing the beautiful and quirky side of Key West and FL Keys, sharing her photography on Sunnyside up on Instagram.

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Key West Tropical Cottage Style
Key West, one of the most famous tropical islands in the world, is an inspiration for anyone who loves tropical cottage style. The book Key West Cottages and Gardens features not only enchanting tropical homes, you also get to learn about living on the island from Leslie and residents. 35,000 people call Key West home and over one million travelers visit this tropical island throughout the year. Home styling is by interior designer Michael Pelkey who's Key West conch cottage is featured in Leslie Linsley's Book Key West: A Tropical Lifestyle.

Key West Tropical Porches