Buying a Dream Vacation Home in Gulf Place Florida | 30A Panhandle

They bought a mid-build house on scenic highway 30A.
Buying a Vacation House on Florida's Scenic Highway 30A
Atlanta interior designer Kristin Drohan and her family chose Gulf Place on scenic highway 30A in the Panhandle of Florida to buy a vacation home. 

They settled for a mid-build house with the ability to still customize it somewhat. For example, adding architectural charm with some shiplap walls. Her challenge was picking materials that could be obtained right away, since the builder was on a tight schedule.

And here is a little hint for a house that's close to the beach, use outdoor rugs for durability. "The amount of sand that finds its way inside is crazy." Kristin says. You can read the entire article about the house buy and decorating process at Style Blue Print and on Kristin Drohan's Blog as well. Also, check out Kristin Drohan's Furniture Line Made in the USA.

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